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Any cows or heifers that need to be pg'd must be in yards by Sunday night!!

Weigh Up Cows and Bulls Starting at 10:00am,
feeders at noon.

Wishek Livestock
Consignments for February 6th sale starting at 10:00

**70 holst strs, weighing 800-850

**60 red/chars strs/hfrs, weighing 550-700, s/f shots, weaned.
**50 blk hfrs, weighing 550-650, s/f shots, weaned, HR, replacement quality
**30 blk mostly hfrs, weighing 400-500, s/f shots, weaned.
**40 red mostly strs, weighing 650-750, s/f shots, weaned.

**150 plus weigh up cows and bulls


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