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Any cows or heifers that need to be pg'd must be in yards by Sunday night!!

Wishek Livestock
Consignments for December 11th-weigh ups starting at 9:00, noon on breds followed by calves

Bred Cows:
**80 blk bred cows, Complete Dispersion, bred black, Due April 1st, coming with        3rd calf to broken mouth, mostly home raised, reputation herd, gentle easy        working cows, full mineral program.
**25 blk bred cows, bred black, Ultra sounded for  April 20-May 25th, coming            with 2nd & 3rd calf, Cows given ViraShield VL5, Dectomax injectable,                    poured with clean up
**55 mixed bred cows, red/chars bred char, blacks bred black or Hereford, 
         Preg Guard & ScourBoss, poured with clean up.
                Age Dispersion - 15 bred cows bred April/May, solid-broken mouth
                Lates Dispersion - 40 bred cows bred June/July, mixed aged
**10 blk bred cows, bred Black or Hereford, 3rd-7th calf, Due June/July
**3 blk cows, bred black due May 4th for 5 days, home raised, reputation herd,             ViraShield and Scourbos.
**8 hereford bred cows, mixed aged, Due April 15th, bred black.
**10 black bred cows, mixed aged, Due April 25th, bred blk or Hereford.

Bred Heifers:
**6 bred blk hfrs, bred to easy calving proven blk bulls, home raised, reputation                 herd with AI'd background, Due March 25th for 60 days, ultrasound                       dates available, rumen magnetics, ViraShield and Scourbos,
                weighing 1000+

**110 blk/red strs/hfrs, weighing 450-624, s/f shots
**75 blk strs, weighing 500-650, s/f shots.
**10 bwf str/hfr, weighing 450-600, s/f shots
**10 blk str, weighing 650-750, s/f shots, weaned.
**50 blk strs, weighing 500-625, spring/2x fall shots

Weigh up cow and bulls, 250+
**50 blk/red pg'd open cows, with many young feeding cows
**35 blk cows, with many young feeding cows
**25 heiferettes 


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